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Developing Return-to-Office Strategies

OLS can help you replan to meet new safety protocols, dynamic workspaces and hybrid work schedules, while also keeping a focus on sustainability. Recently we have assisted businesses in, reconfiguring the layout of current assets, providing new to you, gently used and sanitized furniture, redeploying furniture to home offices, removing crash stations, seating areas and dense floorplans.

Auction Alert! 5-25-2021

Auction Alert!

We’ve been selling crates of stored items unseen, late model computer and IT equipment, high end furniture and everything in between. A majority of the items are purchased by buyers within a 75 mile radius of the Washington, D.C. for their own personal or business use which is a great way to boost our local economy and the best form of landfill diversion – reuse!

Notable Project, Generator Project

OLS completed a project recently by removing 5 large generators from a building scheduled to be torn down in Northern Virginia. The “relics” from around 1985 required the creativity and logistics that OLS is known for. We pride ourselves in finding most time and cost-effective form of removal- no matter the project!

Generator Project

Just a little update on our BIG generator project. Last week we finished disconnecting five generators, both large and small. Don’t forget to check back in as we near crane removal day at the end of the month!

Notable Project, Communications Company

OLS completed a multifaceted project last week in McLean, VA. Our project had three major components; a content move from the McLean office to the Fairfax office, a cleanout of the McLean office, and a decommissioning of a cooling unit consisting of industrial heat exchangers, pumps, and glycol removal.


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