The OLS Good to Go Green Program is aimed at providing sustainable options for managing excess corporate assets. Together, with our clients, we discuss how to handle the removal of each asset group; whether you want to donate, recycle, give away, sell, dispose, or convert waste to energy. The ultimate emphasis is to minimize or mitigate landfill contribution through 90–95% repurposing of assets.

Services Include:

  • Repurposing or recycling surplus furniture, fixtures, and
  • Donating products to non-profit or charitable organizations for
    their original intended purpose.
  • Employing sound disposition procedures of scrap, salvage, green waste reduction, and waste-to-energy procedures.
  • Decommissioning and restoring space to lease condition.

By utilizing a variety of disposition methods, we are able to achieve a seamless and efficient liquidation process that reduces the environmental impact and fulfills your requirements. Decrease your stress and increase your confidence by selecting the OLS team!


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