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OLS delivers the best liquidation and decommissioning outcomes on time, every time!

OLS, Office Liquidation Solutions, is the premier regional liquidator specializing in post-move activities. We help our clients with the sale and removal of commercial furniture and assets and restoration of commercial spaces to meet lease-end obligations. Since incorporation in 1991, OLS has decommissioned more than 150 million sq. ft. of office interior space and equipment nationwide for companies large and small. Fortune 500 to 5000 companies, multi-
million dollar data centers, and 1,500 sq. ft. offices.

  • How do we get your assets out of the building? Does your building allow removal at night?
  • What are we doing with the assets once they are out? Will there be any landfill contribution or will everything be diverted?
  • What ways of repurposing and reusing assets can be applied before final disposition?
  • Is waste to energy combustion a local option? Can we commit to a Zero landfill and does it cost more?
  • What can we do with your IT, AV, or MEP?
  • What other lease obligations might you have in the building (e.g. cable removal, wall patching, removal of HVAC)?

Whether your company is reorganizing, downsizing, expanding, relocating, planning an in-house renovation, upgrading equipment, or experiencing an M&A, OLS can assist in achieving your goals. As experts in logistics and creativity, our goal is to become a partner, offering complete project turnover for a smooth transition out of their old space and into their new, without having to look back. We also believe that no job is too small or large. If we are not the right company for you, we are happy to refer you to one that can get it done, because that’s what partnership is all about.

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Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in the liquidation and decommissioning industry committed not only to our clients but also to environmental stewardship. We do this by caring for our employees and the community in which we operate, always keeping sustainability as a cornerstone of our efforts.

Our Mission

Help clients in transition liquidate and decommission their site with a high level of logistics communication so that they can focus on moving forward, not looking back.

Our Values

A client-centered partner focused on honoring the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit.”

  • We are dedicated to operating with integrity and supporting the success of our People – employees, customers, community.
  • Planet sustainability motivates us to seek out ways to reduce our environmental impact.
  • As a client-centered business, our efforts are always focused on client outcomes. We work in tandem with our clients to maximize Profit that can be measured in many ways.

Meet the Team


Scott Cornblatt


As President of OLS, you can say that Scott has been in the furniture business since birth. When asked to describe himself, Scott says, “I loved to turn meat brown, BBQ slow and low. It is the opposite of my locomotive style of work. I have a great family with two grown kids and a wife who still likes me.”


george watts

VP of Project Management

George started at OLS in December 1997 as a part time Project Manager. In June 1998 he was hired on as a full time Jr. Project Manager and has worked his way to becoming Vice President in 2018. “OLS has evolved over the many years since I first started from just furniture liquidation to decommissioning of office spaces and now restoration. It has been a pleasure to meet new clients and see new places. In my free time I like to spend time with family, fishing, go to concerts, drink craft beer, and go to the beach.”


derek gifford


Derek has worked here at OLS for 8 years selling wholesale and retail gently used furniture in order to keep it out of our landfills. “I enjoy corny jokes and sappy bylines for example… I served for four years as a Quartermaster in the United States Navy navigating submarines. Let me help you navigate the process of finding the perfect furniture for your office space while driving your costs down.”


Sarah Marquiss-Kropf

National Project Manager

Sarah is one of 6 siblings and is accustomed to the idea that "many hands, make light work". Two words to describe Sarah would be diligent and honest. Sarah enjoys cooking, live music and traveling; she has been to a total of 16 countries. Sarah is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Evan. Sarah is a list maker and enjoys working in details of Project Management to ensure your needs are completed seamlessly.


Marriott International

"It was a huge undertaking, and I am so pleased that it's finally done. Your crew did a fantastic job!! I do appreciate yours and OLS's help getting us to where we are today and hope to continue the relationship in the future with our continued effort of decommissioning our facilities."


Commercial Company

“OLS is a great partner to work with and always delivers exceptional customer service. We have worked on multiple projects that have been last minute and despite any obstacles or challenges OLS makes it happen. We are extremely grateful for a partner that listens and understands our needs and continuously goes above and beyond for all of our projects.”


Engineering Company

“OLS stepped in to help us fix some issues we were having with the raised flooring, ahead of installing the cubicles they supplied. I can’t believe how efficient the crew was yesterday. And everyone was so polite.”



"As usual, your team has performed miracle work bringing our inherited furniture back to life!"



Jones Lang Lasalle

“I can honestly not think of anything or any further ways OLS needs to improve! The entire process was seamless and daily updates made my job effortless! From George to Josiah and Your overall team I could not have made a better decision! I don’t have anything in the pipeline at this moment as we are just getting projects into design but I will definitely keep you informed with new developments. Also I will send out an overall email to my colleagues so they make sure to include your team in upcoming opportunities.”

Julie Matthews

Communications Company

"Thank you again for the exceptional and professional remediation and relocation support provided by OLS in order for our company to vacate office premises. The team was well organized and thorough... It was a 'rest assured' relationship from A-Z"




“What a fantastic job your team has done!  I must say that they are all professional and efficient and there was minimal disruption.  They completed the work in half the time that we anticipated, and they were so organized.  I am very impressed and will certainly refer your company to others.  Thank you so much.” 


KGO Project Management


Property Management Coordinator

Local School System

“You guys are the best… Look forward to our next project.”


Manufacturing Company

"This decommissioning has run very smoothly, so thank you very much for that! Pretty darn stress free! You guys are great at what you do!"


Technology Company

"The team did a great job, I can't wait to work with them again!"


Delivering the best liquidation and decommissioning outcomes - on time, every time

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