The WTOP News Room - One of many facilities that OLS worked to prepare for end of lease.

OLS Completes Capital Area’s Favorite News Radio Station End of Lease Obligations

Client: WTOP
Arlington, VA
Date: August 2020

WTOP, Washington D.C.'s premier news radio station, contacted OLS when their lease was coming to an end. Management knew there would be many complexities and challenges, and OLS was able to provide end-to-end project management that left WTOP's team satisfied that they could turn the space back over to the landlord and meet all end-of-lease obligations.

OLS removed all furniture and product from WTOP's headquarters in Washington, DC, in January of 2019. OLS decommissioned two data centers, known as the 'Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center' multiple broadcast studios, and all of the kitchens, which included properly handling, packaging, and storing sensitive electronics. OLS also expertly removed thousands of feet of cabling for their computers, phones, and security system. On the mechanical and industrial side, OLS also decommissioned two large HVAC units, an APC unit, roof-mounted satellite dishes, security cameras, and dry coolers. To cap off the project, OLS provided light-construction services and replaced doors, removed windows, drywall, and provided minor demolition of studios and IDF closets. Lastly, packaging moved and stored sensitive electronics that were to be distributed later.

OLS stored WTOP products for several months and then relocated all products to Cincinnati, OH, which brought the WTOP project to full completion.


Scott Cornblatt

"OLS was a perfect fit for the complexities involved closing up high-tech radio studio space. We PRIDE ourselves on being an end-to-end solution - that provides our clients, like WTOP, a white-glove service that manages each and every detail and process all while communicating in detail with our client as we execute -- every step of the way. From un-racking hundreds of servers, to dismantling satellite dishes from a rooftop, down to repairing a hole in wall and steam cleaning the carpeting -- OLS gets it done, gets it done right and gets it done on time."

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