Sustainable liquidation for the planet

This week, all of us at OLS went out to blow off some steam during one of the busiest months we have ever had. Between a huge influx of leads and working on multiple complicated projects, OLS is moving like never before. Yet, we are still doing everything we can to fulfill our core values.

Our core values focus on a triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit. All three are equally important, and we aim to treat them as such. That is why we have been stepping up our work for the planet.

OLS has been exerting energy not only to provide a seamless experience for our clients, but also to create a process sustainable for our world. Amongst other things, we’ve implemented the Good to Go Green program, an initiative that offers up to zero product going to a landfill after liquidation, as well as opportunities to repurpose and donate assets. Through this program, we both raise awareness of how wasteful liquidation can be and find ways that we can save the planet.

Traditionally, liquidation ends with massive amounts of furniture in landfills, which are detrimental for multiple reasons: they lead to ground and water pollution, create toxic greenhouse gasses (CO2 and Methane), and harm wildlife. Needless to say, the less that goes to the landfill the better. That is why we at OLS are discovering how we can recycle the assets we pick up.

People, planet, and profit are all integral to what we do. After taking our night off and having fun, we are ready to continue dedicating ourselves to these core values and work to save the Earth.

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