My Theory of Liquidation

As many Move Coordinators, Project Managers, Facility Managers, and Design professionals know, there is more to planning for a move than just the physical moving of the products; the liquidation and decommissioning of the old space. After much contemplation over the years, I have theorized that:  

T + C = BO

Time + Creativity = the Best Outcome

So what does this mean for you? Well according to this theory, there are the 8 considerations that if you take the time now, will help you achieve the best outcome during your liquidation and decom.

  1. Early budgeting – Possibly the most important consideration. The one that everything else depends on. This isn’t just dollars and cents, this is time and resources too! Have you planned for the liquidation as well as any decommissioning requirements?
  2. Set priorities – What is the most important aspect when it comes to the final liquidation or cleanout? Reselling, recycling, donating, waste reduction, zero landfill, LEED, your time spent at the old site?
  3. Review the schedule – What are the move dates and lease end dates? Is there flexibility in the schedule and to avoid holidays, parades, events, weather, etc.?
  4. Building logistics – Do you know what needs to happen to get the furniture out? How fast does your Building move? How fast can you move out of the old building and into the new (every building has a choke point). Are you on the 5th floor or the 56th floor?
  5. Reuse/re-deploy – OLS can help you understand what you have and how you may be able to reuse that at another site to save money, create a positive environmental and social impact and possibly receive LEED points. If you already know what you are keeping, have you planned the time needed to identify and remove items you don’t want to liquidate?
  6. Donation – This is a great way to help the community when you have flexibility in the schedule and the right assets.
  7. Employee sale – Do you want employees to be able to purchase your products without the company having to be involved?
  8. Orderly liquidation vs. fire sale/removal – You can liquidate your assets through a number of processes and how you do it matters. An orderly liquidation is predictive while still being quick. A fire sale is fast and furious, bit less predictive in the outcome.

In sum, whatever your liquidation and decom needs, the most important theory to remember is:

HAL + NTP = C OLS    (Have Assets to Liquidate + Need a Trusted Partner = Call OLS)

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