Decontamination of 100,000sqft – Large Brokerage House

OLS just completed 100,000 sq.ft. disinfecting treatment for a large brokerage house in Northern VA.

Location: Northern, VA
Date: July 2020
Scope:  We are honored to be part of their RTO, Return To Office program. We provided both a spray and wipe service on all high touch areas followed by our Electrostatic 360-degree coverage application of Bruetab, a CDC and FDA approved disinfectant for ALL types of viruses like COVID19 & bacteria such as staph and many other microorganisms. In just 5 hours, we were able to reduce the many years of bioload down to a single-digit fraction. We utilized our logistical planning to ensure that we cleaned the farthest points first, finishing at our staging area, where we did a final spray/wipe and electrostatic application as we walked out the door. We are proud of the work we do helping offices stay safer and helping to reduce the spread of this horrible pandemic.

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