Celebrating 30 Years

OLS turns 30 this Friday, the 18th. In 30 years, OLS has completed 3472 projects, worked with 1447 clients, and has donated over $62,000, not including items from projects. The achievements of our business are the direct result of every combined effort of every individual. We would like to extend an enormous thank you to every team member that has made OLS so successful.

"When I started at OLS over 22 years ago, I knew nothing about office furniture. I started as a Junior PM and worked countless late nights on numerous loading docks and alleyways doing furniture removals in large office buildings around the nation, working under many people- including our President Scott Cornblatt. OLS has evolved a great deal over the years. We have incorporated auctions into our business model, panel and chair cleaning, furniture installation, and decommissioning office buildings ranging from 1,000 square feet to 1.2 million square feet.

In my 22 years with OLS, I learned how to read floor plans, sell furniture, and became more adept at how trailers need to be loaded to ensure our customers are satisfied. I enjoy following up with our clients after their spaces are cleared and love to hear what an exceptional job OLS did for them. Over the years, I've held many positions within the company. I started as a Junior PM, then Senior PM, Director of Business Development, and finally Vice President in June of 2018. OLS has been excellent to work for; I look forward to the many years ahead and what the future brings in this ever-evolving business."

George Watts
Vice President


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