The OLS Process

a strategic approach to

your project


Step 1 | Initial Meeting

  • We discuss corporate directives, timeline, critical evacuation dates, and logistics.
  • Team representative meets with you to conduct a site evaluation to review approximately 80% of your assets, as well as ensure we understand your needs and desired outcomes, such as:
    • Donations
    • Employee sales
    • Zero landfill contribution
  • A decommissioning specialist will review all MEP, cables, supplemental systems added to your site, and any restorative repairs that are required by your lease.
  • If a more detailed inventory of your assets is needed, we will schedule a return date to go through each room individually, photographing, and noting individual products. Dependent on the scope of the project, this could take between a few hours and a few days.

Step 2 | Solution

  • OLS will analyze the information discussed in order to provide you with a unique multi-tiered Solution outlining the best way to achieve your requirements and expectations.
  • Our Solution will discuss critical deadlines and dates, items to be removed, decommissioning requirements, expected challenges, and how we will achieve all this.

Step 3 | Pre-Production

  • After you accept our Solution, we will introduce you to your dedicated Project Manager, as well as our team members and any critical players for the project.
  • We will secure and provide certificates of insurance from all vendors.
  • We will verify the proposed timeline.
  • OLS will coordinate logistics and communicate with your staff, building managers, vendors, etc.

Step 4 | Production

  • OLS will manage the removal of all assets, as outlined by our Solution.
  • We will complete broom sweeping, trash removal, drywall repairs, and any other restorative decommissioning services, as added to your Solution.
  • Each night, our Project Manager will email you with an update regarding the day’s activities, challenges, and accomplishments, including related pictures.
  • Your Project Manager will perform a final walk-through of facility with you (and your building management, if desired) to confirm completion of the project and achievement of lease-end obligations.

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