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Give customers and employees the confidence to enter the area confidently to work and conduct business.

E-TAC DECON: Give your Environment "THE ALL CLEAR” with our safe and proven E-TAC process that attacks and eliminates harmful microbes such as COVID-19.

The novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARS-COVID-2, has made an unprecedented impact on the world in 2020. OLS is monitoring the release of information from the CDC and other scientific sources as our understanding of COVID-19 is rapidly growing and evolving.

We know with certainty that COVID-19 is resilient, spreads rapidly and stealthily

  • A large percentage of asymptomatic carriers amongst people who are infected – these are people who carry and can transmit the virus but have no symptoms and therefore do not know they should be in quarantine.

  • Ability to survive outside of the human body on surfaces for as long as a week. Indoor surfaces where temperatures are controlled make optimal conditions for the virus’s survival.


Electrostatic Mist Disinfectant Sprayer


OLS created the E-TAC process to decontaminate and provide ongoing protection against the Coronavirus safely and effectively.

  • E-TAC utilizes CDC certified/EPA registered chemistry that will eliminate COVID and all other harmful pathogens
  • E-TAC chemicals and process is OSHA approved as completely safe for inhabited indoor spaces
  • The E-TAC process atomizes the virus killing solution to a fine electrostatically charged mist causing it to magnetize more evenly across surfaces in a 360-degree fashion.
  • E-TAC dries without residue within about 10 minutes -- an after-hours application will ensure the treated space is completely habitable with zero to very little irritating odor.

Why Choose OLS?

  • Latest state-of-the-art equipment, chemistry and trained professionals.

  • Reliable expedient service during non-working hours with assurance the workplace will be safe and habitable for employees and customers during operating hours.

  • On-call availability for hot zone mitigation in the case of a suspected infection.

  • Thirty years of putting customer needs first and building trust and partnerships with property managers, building engineers and business leaders in the Washington DC area and beyond.



OLS with 30 years of excellence brings its customer-first service into the advanced innovative field of DECON for commercial space.


E-TAC DECON: Patented, cutting-edge devices that create a fine electrostatic mist applied by certified technicians using safe yet extremely effective DECON agents all CDC, EPA and OSHA approved.


Anywhere that workers and the public are at risk including office spaces, entertainment centers, gyms, shopping areas, schools and day care centers, etc.


A fine electrostatically charged mist envelopes surfaces in a 360-degree manner. The positively charged droplets seek negatively charged surfaces distributing evenly and comprehensively to deliver a microbe killing solution that’s harmless to people and plants and will not damage or discolor contact surfaces.


OLS works when you’re not: The E-TAC team works after hours and weekends. A treated space can be re-occupied in as short as 10 minutes.

Reduce Infection & Guard Against It

  • The E-TAC certified treatment badge tells employees and customers they can work and interact with greater confidence while still maintaining personal safety protocols as needed.

  • While Coronavirus is top of mind, there are many other microbial enemies that keep workers home and make life uncomfortable if not dangerous. Common cold bugs, influenza strains, bacteria and fungi are all eliminated with an E-TAC DECON treatment.


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